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Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms, LP

Our philosophy incorporates a program where foals are bred, born, raised, trained and grow up to become winning race horses. We specialize in:

  • Breeding, Foaling, Breaking & Training, Lay-ups, Sale Conditioning
  • Experienced Management & Dedicated Service
  • Champion Top-winning Standing Stallions

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    About Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms

    We offer breeding, foaling, breaking & training, lay-ups, sale conditioning, experienced management & individual, dedicated service.

    The farm is peaceful, providing a calm environment for the Thoroughbreds. Brazeau Thoroughbred Farms occupies more than 80 acres, and has an abundance of natural water with sweeping green pastures, large open fields - where the horses run freely.

    Ranch Amenities

    The farm is self-supporting and offers special amenities designed for horses' comfort and safety.

    • A Eurocizer & Mare Motel
    • New Barns: 40 New Stalls in 4 Different Barns Including a Stallion Barn, Foaling Barn
    • A Seven-Furlong Racetrack: Slanted for
      Uphill Gallop
    • New Fencing & Much More!